Electromech Agri are a Dairy parlour equipment supplier & agricultural engineering company, specialising in bespoke dairy solutions, installations & service provision within the UK and Ireland. We are also proud official dealers for WeTit and their line of teat sprayers.

Who Are WeTit?

WETIT is a company based in New Zealand that specializes in the design and manufacture of automatic teat sprayers and accessories. Their primary focus is on providing effective teat spraying solutions for udder health and teat condition in dairy farming. Mastitis, a common and costly disease among dairy cows, is a significant concern for farmers, impacting milk production, fertility, body condition, and the longevity of cows in the herd.

WETIT’s automatic teat sprayers are designed to accurately spray every cow at every milking, aiming to reduce the incidence of mastitis. Emphasising reliability and minimal servicing requirements by minimizing moving parts in their products. With Wetit, they offer a satisfaction guarantee, providing assurance to customers regarding the trustworthiness and reliability of their systems.

Our Recommended WeTit Teat Sprayer

WeTit QD0 Teat Spraying System

Introducing the WETIT QD0 Inline Automatic Teat Spraying System: an innovative solution for dairy farms to enhance udder health and streamline milking operations. Key features include:

  • Automatic application of consistent teat spray volume for every cow at every milking
  • Suitable for pre and post spraying in linear parlours, as well as pre-spraying in rotary parlours
  • Utilizes a light beam detection system to trigger spraying, ensuring thorough coverage while preventing unnecessary spraying
  • Long detection zone and intelligent movement calculation for precise operation
  • Saves labor costs and time, optimizing efficiency in dairy operations.

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WeTit Platform Magic

The WeTit Platform Magic is an advanced teat spraying solution revolutionizing dairy farming. Discover its comprehensive benefits:

  • Precision Spraying: Utilizes electronic eyes to accurately identify bale position and cows, ensuring precise timing for teat spraying.
  • Optimized Timing: Applies a measured dose immediately after cups are removed, just before cows back off, maximizing effectiveness.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: Automatically skips empty bails, streamlining operations and saving time.
  • Consistent Performance: In-shed design ensures spray efficacy remains unaffected by wind, guaranteeing uniform coverage.
  • Improved Udder Health: Ensures every cow receives optimal teat spraying, reducing the risk of mastitis and promoting udder health.
  • Labor Savings: Automated operation reduces the need for manual intervention, saving labor costs and enhancing productivity.

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WeTit Wand

The WeTit Wand, a game-changer for Rotary Parlours, offering comprehensive benefits tailored for dairy farmers:

  • Dynamic Teat Coverage: Features a flexible, dynamic spray arm designed to reach into the platform and provide superior teat coverage, ensuring optimal udder health.
  • Precision Spraying: Utilizes the Platform Positioning System to calculate the ideal time for teat spraying, preventing double spraying during platform stops, reversals, or restarts.
  • Enhanced Cow Positioning: Recommends the integration of WeTit Waves on rotary platforms for improved cow positioning, facilitating easier and faster teat cup attachment and removal.
  • Efficiency and Accuracy: Automatic teat spraying made easier and more accurate, streamlining the milking routine for enhanced productivity.
  • Waste Reduction: Includes the ‘Cups on Detection’ feature to prevent spraying cows still milking, minimizing teat dip wastage and optimizing resource utilization.
  • Flexible Installation: Can be seamlessly installed in existing facilities between milkings or incorporated into new parlours, ensuring compatibility and ease of adoption.

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Modules For Your Teat Sprayer System

WeTit Wave

WeTit Wave ensures perfect foot placement on each stall in dairy farming. Explore its comprehensive benefits that it can provide with your teat spraying system.

  • Perfect Cluster Alignment: Ensures precise alignment of clusters for efficient milking and udder health.
  • Reduced Slipping: Minimizes cow slipping, promoting safety and comfort during milking.
  • Lameness Identification: Facilitates easier identification of lameness issues, enabling prompt intervention and care.
  • Enhanced Cupping: Simplifies the process of attaching and removing teat cups, optimizing milking efficiency.

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ElectroMech Agri Ltd stands as a premier dairy parlour equipment supplier and agricultural engineering firm, offering tailored dairy solutions, installations, and top-notch service provision. Established in 1992 and headquartered in Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone, we are a family-run business committed to excellence. Specializing in project management of bespoke parlours, we hold exclusive dealership for Boumatic across Northern Ireland & Scotland alongside WeTit.

With an in-house design team, fabrication workshop, and service team, we offer end-to-end solutions, from design to installation.  Notably, we offer a comprehensive range of teat spraying systems, catering to the needs of dairy farmers across the UK and Ireland.

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