Parlour Sustainability

Improve the sustainability of your Parlour by keeping the existing stall-work or rotary platform, we can update the technology to enhance your parlour experience and optimise overall performance. Our Project Management Team has the experience to help you design bespoke solutions for you and your herd.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of your parlour; beat the increasing pressure of energy costs with our energy saving solutions.

Installing BouMatic’s Variable Speed milk and vacuum pumps, and heat recovery systems offer the greatest potential for energy savings – farmers report energy savings of over 60%.

Reduce Maintenance costs by installing a variable speed vacuum pump. These operate at different levels in response to capacity requirements, not at a constant rate as with conventional pumps, therefore reducing wear and tear on milking equipment and reducing the energy used.

Save on cooling costs with BouMatic OptiFlo CF and Plate Cooler. The OptiFlo CF is an electronic milk pump speed controller for 3-phase pumps. It operates at variable speeds during milking, ensuring gentle milk transportation. When used with an analogic milk level probe and pre-cooling plate cooler, it maximizes heat exchange by adjusting pump speed based on milk flow. This precise speed control reduces strain on the cooling system. BouMatic Plate Coolers are unrivalled for fast, efficient milk cooling and will use your well water or chilled water for the most effective milk cooling.

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Milking Efficiency

With ElectroMech Agri the potential for enhancing your milking experience is boundless. Services we provide include upgrading automation with software solutions such as Smart Dairy and Heat Detection with rumination monitoring systems to enhancing detachers, claws, and pulsators.

By optimising stall-work and raceways we can streamline cow flow through the Parlour. Our experienced design and engineering team will work directly with you to design the optimum layout, race work, handling facilities and feeding custom to your existing farm buildings and dairy.

Implementing In-Parlour or Out of Parlour feeding systems can boost milk yield and enhance cow health. Improve milk-out with in-parlour feeding; milk yield can be increased by up to 5% with in-parlour feeding due to the release of Oxytocin.

Enhancements in milking automation has the potential to significantly reduce milking durations and enhance the overall health of your herd. By upgrading from jars to milk yield indicators and BouMatic’s AirStar DSL vacuum pump is more durable and long-lasting than ever and provides a stable, reliable, and efficient vacuum level in the heart of your milking system. Improving the vacuum supply to the teat increases the speed of milk yield therefore decreasing milking times which in turn benefits both the cow and the milker.

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Future proof the growth of your Dairy Farm with our technology & stalling. Get in touch to find out how we can

  • Improve cow health
  • Reduce milking times
  • Reduce feeding costs
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve cow flow
  • Reduce maintenance costs

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