Who are FutureCow?

FutureCow® is a company dedicated to enhancing farm prosperity by focusing on the health and well-being of herds through innovative and reliable products.

Founded in 2008, FutureCow initially concentrated on perfecting cow teat preparation with their Teatscrubber Prep System. Today, they offer a range of products designed to improve dairy operations, ensuring animal comfort and durability, and are used by farmers in the US, Canada, and over 40 other countries including the UK and Ireland. Their manufacturing process includes stringent quality control, and they work with trained local dealers for product design and installation.

Why Invest in a Quality Teat Scrubber?

  • Improved Udder Health: A quality teatscrubber effectively cleans, sanitises, and stimulates teats, reducing the risk of mastitis and other infections.
  • Consistent Milk Quality: Ensures thorough teat preparation, leading to cleaner milk and fewer contaminants.
  • Efficiency: Automates the teat preparation process, saving time and labour costs, and allowing for a more streamlined milking routine.
  • Enhanced Animal Comfort: Gentle and consistent teat preparation increases cow comfort, leading to better milk let-down and overall herd well-being.
  • Long-Term Savings: Reduces medical costs associated with treating udder infections and improves overall farm profitability through better herd health and productivity.
  • Reliability: High-quality teatscrubbers are built to last, ensuring dependable performance and durability, even in demanding farm environments.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for ease of use and maintenance, making it a practical and valuable investment for dairy farmers.

What Makes the FutureCow Teatscrubber Prep System Different

The FutureCow Teatscrubber Prep System stands out due to its all-in-one process. It effectively washes, disinfects, stimulates, and dries teats in a single step, streamlining the teat preparation process for dairy farmers. By eliminating the need for towels, this system not only simplifies the procedure but also reduces expenses associated with purchasing disposable towels and extends the lifespan of washers and dryers.

Moreover, this system significantly improves efficiency in the milking parlour. It accelerates the teat preparation process, boosts throughput, and shortens milk-out times, ultimately making parlours more consistent and productive. The use of chlorine dioxide in the teatscrubber solution plays a crucial role in improving udder health. It effectively kills 99.999% of microorganisms on the teat while promoting healthy skin.

One of the most compelling advantages of the FutureCow Teatscrubber Prep System is its potential for labour savings. Farms can potentially eliminate one person per shift, resulting in significant cost savings. Alternatively, they can increase cow throughput without the need for additional labour. Additionally, this system is highly user-friendly. It reduces physical strain on milkers, requires less back-and-forth movement, and simplifies training for new employees.

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The Teat Dip Choice For The FutureCow Teatscrubber Prep System

The recommended teat dip for the FutureCow Teatscrubber Prep System is the FutureCow Chlorine Dioxide solution. This teat dip is specifically designed for use with the Teatscrubber and offers several key benefits. As the teat dries, Chlorine Dioxide evaporates without leaving any residue, ensuring no contamination of milk. It acts as a quick kill disinfectant, effectively eliminating 99.999% of microorganisms on the teat while maintaining skin health.

Chlorine Dioxide offers various advantages over other teat dip solutions. It dries quickly and is gentle on the skin, making it suitable for use even with high bio-loads on teats. Additionally, it helps improve teat-end condition and eliminates the need for iodine usage. Being QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound) Free, it does not form chloramines, further ensuring milk safety.

Compared to waterborne chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide has 2.6 times the oxidizing power and a wider pH spectrum, making it more versatile and effective. It is registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and is recognized as an excellent bactericide. Unlike chlorine bleach, Chlorine Dioxide does not produce carcinogens, making it a safer and more preferable choice for teat disinfection.

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