Reduce Feed Costs

Reduce feed costs by having a cost effective feeding strategy. ElectroMech Agri Feeders can be retrofitted to any parlour and when linked to a Feed to Yield system will minimise waste. Our Feeders themselves are also designed to reduce food waste and have low maintenance costs.

Our Feeders are straightforward to operate, simple to install, and easily maintained. They are robust, dependable, and precise. They’re made from a stainless steel construction & have a solid shaft auger making them very durable. We offer two feeder options dependant on your parlour configuration: Rotary or Parallel & Herringbone.

Our feeders provide the flexibility to regulate feed, allowing adjustments for cows by herd, group, or individually. Taking charge of feed rationing helps avoid overfeeding or underfeeding. Connecting the feeders to the Feed to Yield system, such as the BouMatic SmartDairy, enables you to customize feed amounts according to an individual cow’s health.

ElectroMech Agri In-parlour feeders can be installed in Parallel (90 degree), Herringbone and Rotary parlours.

Feeders come equipped with a 30kg hopper, reducing the need for the auger during feeding and leading to improved efficiency. Our feeder can distribute various types of feed, dispensed using a timed motor to give a set quantity of feed. This quantity is adjustable as a stand-alone system or can be linked to your Smart Dairy Herd Metrix programme for Feed to Yield.

Our Rotary feeder has a larger 200kg hopper, concentrate is delivered to it via an electric auger during milking; our bespoke rotary feeders then fill a delivery chute, optical sensors detect the correct position for the ration to be dumped into the centre of the manger. The digital feeder control is used to operate the feeder and prevents feeding if the platform is reversed for any reason.

In Parallel/90 degree & Herringbone Parlours the feed is delivered to multiple feeders, the feed is dropped through a stainless steel chute to a stainless steel trough.

In Parallel/90°Parlours with sequential bailing the troughs are specifically designed to prevent any feed spillage when the gates rotate 90 degrees to facilitate the cows’ swift exit.

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New parlours that opt for Rapid Exit Reels can also have In-Parlour feeding; our Rapid Exit Reels have been designed with In Parlour Feeding in mind. The feeders are supplied by an auger to a central hopper to eliminate wear on bends on the auger system. There are 2 motors at each end of the Reels to draw the feed to each feeder. Feed is dropped from the Feeder to a funnel chute, the unique funnel design allows the Rapid Exit Reel to be adjusted to accommodate cows of different sizes cows in the parlour. The feed is delivered to a specially designed trough that prevents spillage when the reels are rotated through 360 degrees.


Out of Parlour feeding can also be installed into any dairy farm, BouMatic’s BM3K out-of-parlour feeding is a modern sophisticated feeding system. Dispensing of concentrate feed is programmed on your PC with the HerdMetrix software for individual cows, groups or at production level.

The easy to install BouMatic out-of-parlour feed station only requires one feed station frame for all BouMatic ID systems. The stall includes:

  • Stainless-steel auger motors with PVC hoppers
  • Reinforced fiberglass resin or stainless-steel trough
  • Heavy duty, 1.5-inch galvanized steel stall
  • Easy and secure access for each cow
  • Front separated from the station body to prevent bullying
  • Feed trough integrated into the front

It is possible to combine the SmartDairy OOP system with the BouMatic Real Time heat detection solution: 2 systems but only one data input! The Field to Yield in all configurations is powered by the SmartDairy feeding system. With the SmartDairy Feeding Module, it is easier than ever to manage your herd’s nutritional needs. The SmartDairy module is powered by the SmartDairy Controller, BouMatic ID and SmartDairy Feeding software. Linking the feeders to the Feed to Yield system in Herd Metrix allows you to adjust feed quantities based on an individual cow’s health.

Implement a feed strategy outside the parlour using Out of Parlour feeders, which can be integrated with SmartDairy or Nedap systems for Feed to Yield. Out of Parlour feeders offer an alternative approach to target additional concentrate feeds and provide control over feed distribution.

These feeders are adjustable for cows by herd, group, or individually, with multiple feed release periods within 24 hours. The Out of Parlour Feeder features up to 6 programmable stages, allowing for simplified yet effective ration adjustments on a group or individual cow basis. It incorporates excellent feed dispensing algorithms to prevent overfeeding and optimize the number of cows per feeding station.

Optimized Out of Parlour feeders encourage cows to eat frequently in smaller amounts, stabilizing rumen pH and reducing the risk of Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA). Maintaining a balanced rumen environment is crucial for maximizing feed efficiency.

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