Reduce Feed Costs

ElectroMech Agri feed to yield feeders are simple to operate, easy to install & maintain, are strong reliable and accurate. They’re made from a stainless steel construction & have a solid shaft auger making them very durable. Installed with a 30kg hopper means less use of the auger during feeding and therefore is more efficient. Our feeder can distribute various types of feed, dispensed using a timed motor to give a set quantity of feed. This quantity is adjustable as a stand-alone system or can be linked to your Smart Dairy Herd Metrix programme for Feed to Yield.

Having In-Parlour feeding installed in your parlour creates a more inviting parlour to the cow, creating a calmer & quicker milking session. Cows that are fed during milking have increased levels of oxytocin which boosts Milk let down.

In parlour feeding encourages the cow to enter the rotary platform and will aid in milk letdown of the cow. If all cows are fed the same ration, some cows will be overfed, which increases feed costs. Overfeeding also leads to inefficient feed utilization. Some cows will also be underfed, which will prevent optimum milk production and may also lead to depleted body reserves and associated reproduction and general health problems.

In-parlour feeding can be installed in both herringbone and rotary parlours. In Rotaries an electric auger delivers concentrate to the hopper during milking; our bespoke rotary feeders then fill a delivery chute, optical sensors detect the correct position for the ration to be dumped into the centre of the manger. The digital feeder control is used to operate the feeder and prevents feeding if the platform is reversed for any reason.

Linking the feeders to the Feed to Yield system in Herd Metrix allows you to adjust feed quantities based on an individual cow’s health. This decision is made from the data provided, records of health events, breeding & treatment, activity & previous feeding are all centralised on HerdMetrix. Having this ingenious dosing system to accurately release individual quantities helps lower concentrate costs, boost yield figures and improve the welfare of individual cows and the herd as a whole.

SmartDairy out-of-parlour feeding is a modern sophisticated feeding system. Dispensing of concentrate feed is programmed on your PC with the HerdMetrix software for individual cows, groups or at production level. The easy to install BouMatic out-of-parlour feed station only requires one feed station frame for all BouMatic ID systems.

The stall includes:
– Stainless-steel auger motors with PVC hoppers
– Reinforced fibreglass resin or stainless-steel trough
– Heavy duty, 1.5-inch galvanized steel stall
– Easy and secure access for each cow
– Front separated from the station body to prevent bullying – Feed trough integrated into the front

It is possible to combine the SmartDairy OOP system with the BouMatic Real Time heat detection solution: 2 systems but only one data input!

Complete software: Herd genealogy (parent history simplifying the selection of breeding stock).
Milking result analysis (in connection with the milk meters) for the evaluation of the intake of concentrates per animal.
“Country MOD” module: collection of governmental data (BCMS, milk recording organization, breeding centre…) and only one data entry (for AI, calving…)
Analysis of techno-economic criteria
Customizable to feed cows by herd, group or individually
Adjust feed holds by feeding stations or entire herd
Feed curves with up to 6 programmable stages. Adjustable per group or per individual cow for simplified but powerful ration adjustment
Excellent feed dispensing algorithms. Preventing against overfeeding. Optimising number of cows per feeding station