Ollie Conneely – Co.Galway


Milking 80 Holstein-Friesian Cows through a 16 Point 60 degree Herringbone Parlour. Cows health is monitored using Boumatic Real Time powered by Nedap.


BouMatic’s Real Time Activity System powered by Nedap provides individual data from each cow to the Farmer. Using the system, Ollie was alerted to one cow’s significant increase in inactivity, 3 days before the first visual signs of ill health.

Here is how the cow’s health was tracked & displayed through the RealTime App:


As can be seen from the RealTime app there is a distinct change in the cow’s behaviour. After the inactivity almost doubled the cow’s milk yield began to drop on Monday, whilst eating halved and by Thursday the cow had stopped eating in the Parlour (the first visual sign).


Due to Ollie receiving an alert 3 days previous to the first visual sign, he knew to monitor the cow closely and take a proactive approach by contacting the vet sooner. The cow was diagnosed with Fluke, received treatment and was back to full health within a week of being first alerted. It also allowed Ollie to contain the problem therefore reducing time and labour, and treatment costs.

Feedback from Ollie was that “the early notification is a great advantage as it allowed the cow to receive treatment sooner and back to health quicker. The RealTime system is like having an extra pair of eyes on the farm because the cows are being monitored 24/7”.

If you would like more information about Real Time powered by Nedap you can learn more from our Health & Fertility pages or you can make an enquiry to our team!

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