The XWAY90 is a 90° stall parlour with a pivotal characteristic of a 360° rotating exit reel with unique feeding trough design. The XWAY90 is incredibly robust yet easy & fast to install with very low maintenance. This parlour has a cow-friendly entrance and exit and has a 10-guage stainless steel splash panel with extra-large gutter and a pivoting entrance gate.

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The Rapid Exit Reel & Sequential gates are fully galvanised whilst the feed troughs are Stainless Steel for durability. The Sequential gates allow for fast reloading, upon entrance the cows are ID’d for herd management & also Feed to Yield. The In Parlour feeding can be offers the opportunity to feed to the individual needs of the cow’s milk production, stage of gestation and body condition score.

After milking, the reel will rotate 90° before being stopped and held horizontally by brake motors to allow the cows to quickly exit after milking. Laser sensors are used to detect when it is safe for the reel to rotate the remaining 270° and to gently usher any remaining cows out. The feed troughs have a unique design that prevents any leftover feed dropping whilst the reel is in full rotation.

The XWAY90 reel is designed & fabricated to be perfectly balanced for accurate control during rotation. Driven by a heavy-duty gear box the reel can be indexed to move back to position the cow gently against the rump rail for comfortable milking for both cow & milker.

The Stainless-Steel cabinet of the XWAY90 is ergonomically designed allowing the milker to safely position themselves closer to the cow for optimal access and view of the udder. The cabinet houses the BouMatic milking equipment, it contains the Touchpoint or AMI 5550 Detachers, ACR rams, pulsation, air & vacuum lines. This is a lowline milking parlour so its 15-20% more efficient as milk has a shorter distance to travel from the FloStar Xtreme cluster to the milk line. The milk flow is controlled by the BouMatic OptiFlo, an electronic milk pump speed controller that enables optimum cooling when used with a pre-cooling plate cooler, maximizing the heat exchange from the milk to the coolant by operating the milk pump at the slowest speed possible

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