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WETIT Wand Description

The WETIT Wand is perfect for Rotary Parlours. The WETIT Wand has a flexible, dynamic spray arm that reaches into the platform, under the udder, providing superior teat coverage.  The Wand calculates when to spray the teat using our Platform Positioning System for the stall and cow positioning.  This technology also prevents spraying cows twice when the platform is stopped, reversed or restarted.

We recommend the installation of WETIT Waves on rotary platforms for best results. WETIT Waves enhance the positioning of the cows for more accessible teat cup attachment and removal by positioning. By positioning the cow in the stall with her legs spread, the milking routine is made easier, cleaner and faster.  Automatic test spraying is also easier and more accurate.

The WETIT Wand system includes the WETIT ‘Cups on Detection’ to ensure that cows that are still milking (twice around cows) are not sprayed until milking is complete and the milking claw is detached.  This helps reduce wasted teat dip.  

The WETIT Wand can be installed in existing facilities in between milking’s or incorporated into new parlours.

Compliment the WETIT Wand with the WETIT Wave – ensuring perfect foot placement for each spray.

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Key Benefits of the WETIT Wand:

  • Superior Teat Coverage: Flexible, dynamic spray arm reaches under the udder for better coverage.
  • Accurate Spraying: Uses Platform Positioning System to calculate precise spraying times, preventing double spraying.
  • Enhanced Cow Positioning: Recommends WETIT Waves for optimal cow positioning, making milking routines easier and cleaner.
  • Reduced Waste: ‘Cups on Detection’ ensures cows are not sprayed until milking is complete, minimizing wasted teat dip.
  • Versatile Installation: Can be installed in existing facilities or new parlours without disrupting milking schedules.

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The WETIT QD0 Inline Automatic Teat Spraying System ensures consistent and accurate pre- or post-milking teat spraying for each cow, reducing labour costs and improving efficiency through automated operation and enhanced detection features. It is versatile for use in both linear and rotary parlours, with safety measures to prevent accidental spraying of humans.

WETIT Platform Magic

The WETIT Platform Magic ensures precise and timely teat spraying by using electronic eyes to identify cows and bale positions, automatically skipping empty bails and providing consistent application unaffected by wind.


The WETIT Wave enhances milking by ensuring perfect foot placement, improving cluster alignment, reducing cow slipping, and increasing teat spraying accuracy while also training heifers and reducing stress and kicking.

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