WeTit QD0

The WETIT QD0 Inline Automatic Teat Spraying System automatically sprays every cow, consistently applying the same volume at every milking. It can be installed for Pre and Post spraying in linear parlours as well as Pre spraying in Rotary Parlours.

The WeTit QD Automatic Teat Dipping System work using a light beam, projected across the entry lane to a controller bar.  When a cow walks through the WeTit QD0 unit, the light beam is broken.  When the light beam reconnects with the controller bar behind the cow the unit sprays.

The WeTit QD0 Inline Automatic Teat Dipping System automatically pre-or post dips every cow every milking consistently applying the same volume of dip every milking while saving ever increasing labour costs.

The QD0 system has a long detection zone rather than a single trigger beam with a computer calculating the movement of every cow.  It triggers the system to spray – or perform several sprays – to ensure good coverage of the teats and udder. The unit will not spray if a person were to walk through the beam.

The WeTit QD0 Automatic Teat Dipping System works well installed in feeding rotary parlours pre-dipping cows as they enter the parlour.  Cows entering the parlour will be ready to be stripped and dried by the operator saving time and labour.

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