WETIT Platform Magic

WETIT Platform Magic Description

Platform Magic identifies when to spray the teats by using electronic eyes that see the bale position and cow.

Once the target is identified, it sprays a measured dose immediately after the cups are off, just prior to the cow backing off.

It also skips empty bails automatically. With the in-shed design, the spray is unaffected by wind.

Compliment the WETIT Platform Magic with the WETIT Wave – ensuring perfect foot placement for each spray.

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Key Benefits of the WETIT Platform Magic

  • Accurate Targeting: Uses electronic eyes to identify the bale position and cow for precise spraying.
  • Timed Application: Sprays a measured dose immediately after milking cups are removed, ensuring optimal teat coverage.
  • Efficiency: Automatically skips empty bails, reducing waste.
  • Wind Protection: In-shed design ensures the spray is unaffected by wind, maintaining consistent application.

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The WETIT QD0 Inline Automatic Teat Spraying System ensures consistent and accurate pre- or post-milking teat spraying for each cow, reducing labour costs and improving efficiency through automated operation and enhanced detection features. It is versatile for use in both linear and rotary parlours, with safety measures to prevent accidental spraying of humans.


The WETIT Wave enhances milking by ensuring perfect foot placement, improving cluster alignment, reducing cow slipping, and increasing teat spraying accuracy while also training heifers and reducing stress and kicking.


The WETIT Wand is designed for Rotary Parlours, featuring a flexible spray arm for superior teat coverage and a positioning system that ensures accurate spraying, reducing waste and improving milking efficiency. It can be installed in both existing and new parlours.

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