View Points and Touch Screens

The Smart Dairy Viewpoint system is the most complementary information system on an external rotary milking system. There are no individual displays at the milking points, but instead, there is a collective display, in the form of a Touch screen, at cups-on and/or cups-off areas.

The display gives an intuitive, colour coded overview of all the milking points, and enables, through touch-control, the operator to check more information about a single cow or stall and also to perform some basic functions, auto sorting a cow for example or to enter a cow attention code.

The View Point Touch Screen provides command and control of the following: 

  • Real-time parlour activity
  • Milk Weights
  • Deviation & Conductivity
  • Activity
  • Sorting
  • Reproduction
  • Holds & Attention Codes

Customize the on-screen data view to display selected information or split data between multiple screens. The View Point touch screen software provides complete flexibility to display the management data of your choice.

New and Improved View Point Touch Screen Features:

  • Vertical or horizontal information display
  • Frame front designed to IP69 standards
  • Flexible mounting options using floor stand or wall mount bracket
  • Allows multiple View Point touch screens on the same network with your Smart Dairy Controller
  • Delivered preassembled and ready to plug and play
  • Optional secondary monitor for viewing only, can be connected to primary View Point touch screen unit. This will enable milk recorders in the basement to view live cow numbers, milk weights and stall numbers. However the milk recorders cannot change cow information from this display

Stainless Steel View Point Touch Screen inst installed allowing operators to manage cow data from a central location at the entrance and exit of the parlour.

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