Variable Speed Control

Reduce energy use with a variable speed control, the key to reducing wear and tear on your vacuum pump motor is to run it at the slowest speed necessary to provide the air volume needed. BouMatic’s VSD manages your vacuum pump so it supplies all the air your system needs, but at much more efficient, cost-saving level. Conventional, fixed drive vacuum pump systems have only a full-on or full-off setting. Air demands in a milking system vary widely throughout the milking cycle.

The BouMatic VSD uses a special sensor to monitor vacuum levels in the system. This sensor knows when more air is needed and will increase the output of the vacuum pump, but only enough to maintain the required airflow. Once the desired volume of air is reached, the VSD will decrease the air output by slowing the vacuum pump. The BouMatic VSD maintains the perfect vacuum balance for milking, washing or other vacuum requirements.

On-farm trials have produced electrical savings of more than 60%. Constant-speed vacuum pumps turn out much more airflow than is required for milking or for cleaning a milking system. Traditionally, one or more vacuum pumps are used to produce a minimum constant airflow of six-cfm (170 L/min) per milking unit.

A vacuum pump equipped with a BouMatic variable speed drive will frequently operate at one-half the RPMs that it would be running at if it were not equipped with a variable speed drive. When a vacuum pump operates at slower speeds, it is quieter.

Reduced wear on vacuum pump by lowered RPMs.

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