Designed to answer the most demanding industrial dairies, the TouchPoint combines unparalleled ruggedness and technology to provide reliable and efficient tools to the operator. TouchPoint gives you full command and control of the entire milking process at each stall point.

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When real-time data and perfect control in your parlour are key: TouchPoint is the absolute answer.

  • Best in class – Best total cost of ownership, reliable with little maintenance cost
  • Heavy duty – Built for the harsh dairy environment (IP69)
  • ICAR meter – TouchPoint is paired with the SmartControl™ Meter, our high flow, ICAR approved meter to give you the best results in accuracy, throughput and vacuum stability
  • Dual display LCD and LED – You can rely on a large high contrast LCD display for the milking information such as milk deviation, flow rate, cow ID, activity, conductivity and more. Meanwhile highly visible Color LED will provide status on processes and alarm
  • Function keys – The TouchPoint comes with 4 programmable function keys, offering easy, time saving shortcuts for daily operations
  • Touch screen – Optional accessory that provides further, in-depth herd management functions

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