Streamline 360Ex


The Streamline 360EX external rotary milking platform is designed for commercial dairy farms and large family farms. The uncluttered platform design with new integrated cabinets at each stall is the foundation of the Streamline 360EX’s innovative concept.

The Streamline 360EX has incomparable cow traffic due to the innovatively designed entrance lane. The perfectly open vision, with low profile cabinets and large openings, invites the cow to the platform, free and safe.

This rotary provides a safe & comfortable environment for both operator and cow – offset top and bottom rear rails allow for perfect cow positioning and ultimate udder access.

The strong, heavy-duty platform moves on 2 circular I-beams and on exclusively designed nylon rollers without lubrication. The platform assembly turns on a rail track.

An integrated cabinet at each stall houses automation components, controls, cylinders and displays as well as a jetter tray which remains closed during milking for perfect hygiene.

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