SR2 Spraying Robot

boumatic SR2

The BouMatic SR2 a precision engineered robot designed to protect the teats after milking. Leveraging the latest in vision programming technology, this fast and compact machine can integrate safely and effectively with your rotary milking system to deliver a higher level of animal hygiene.

  • Reduced Infection Risk – Combat mastitis with the SR2 – designed to consistently deliver premium BouMatic udder hygiene products.
  • Universal Usage – No matter the rotary milking system you’re using, the SR2 is the machine you need. It integrates seamlessly with any rotary system to safely and effectively deliver post dip when milking is complete.
  • Our View – BouMatic machines are designed with cow comfort in mind, approaching the cow from between the rear legs using sophisticated vision technology.
  • Complete Coverage – The SR2 completely covers the teat ends with a protective disinfectant using a unique spray system that creates a cloud of disinfectant surrounding the teats.
  • Precision – Consistency is what the SR2 excels at, delivering the same amount of disinfectant to precisely the right spot using intelligent vision technology.
  • Reduce Consumption – By creating a very fine mist, the unique spraying mechanism reduces consumption of the spraying agent compared with conventional sprays.
  • Reduce Labor Costs – Automating the post spray task offers labor savings and flexibility in personnel management.

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