Smartway 90

The SmartWay 90 is a 90° parallel milking parlour with an innovative rapid exit system, offering the combined performance and technology of the rotating exit reel and the vertical lift exit. The concept of fluent entry, dynamic exit and uncluttered space improves your cow throughput significantly. Large breeds fit comfortably in this 29-inch stall, low noise parlour.

Cow entry is more fluent owing to the specific design of the dividers and the animals exit more easily thanks to the exclusive front rail that lifts tilts and accompanies them. 

Optimized upper cabinets provide an excellent view of the animals. They allow easy access to the udder, providing excellent ergonomics and comfort for the operator. The individual control panels are within easy reach.

This parlour is designed to last; it comes in galvanized steel with stainless steel cabinets and the support posts are anchored into concrete.

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