SmartLite Detacher

The inventive and user-friendly SmartLite detacher combines highly accurate detaching with an extensive management functionality, that enables you to improve your overall milking routine. Smarter detaching leads to greater cow comfort and superior milking performance.

The innovative SmartLite detacher system is designed to manage 4 milking points with one single control unit. It uses a very accurate resistance sensor to measure the milk flow.
All control units are networked and exchange data. When needed, input boxes can be connected to the network. With a PC connected to the network, the complete parlour can be set at once without extra tools. Once information is entered in the network, it is shared with all the other components. Connecting switches (safety, gates, vacuum, etc…) is safe and simple.

  • Clear milking status information – With the bright, multicoloured LED button you have an instant overview of the milking status at each stall so that you can react to any challenges that may arise. The intuitive use of colour is also a great tool for training new milking staff.
  • Economical – Design has one control unit for every 4 milking points.
  • Accuracy – The resistance sensor has a wide measuring range with the flexibility to set the minimum milk flow for detaching the milking cluster from low (under 250g/mn) to high flow rates (above 1000g/mn).
  • Simplicity & convenience – Single-button operation for functions such as Start/Stop and Manual/Automatic; by just lifting the cluster, QuickStart activates to start the milking process for you.
  • Compatibility – SmartLite works with the BouMatic shut off valve range for new and retrofit applications but is also compatible with most existing installations using electric milk resistance sensors.
  • Adaptable – SmartLite easily adapts to various parlour configurations. Whether you’re using vacuum or compressed air to operate your system, the SmartLite will work for you.
  • Easy installation – The control unit can be easily mounted onto the metal frame of the stall or under the curb.

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