Smart Meter – Smart Control Milk Meters

milk smart meter

The heart of the Smart Dairy Milk Harvest module, BouMatic’s dependable, ICAR Smart Control Meter, delivers proven accuracy and dependability. The Smart Control Meter has its own intelligence that provides individual cow milk yield, flow rate, milk conductivity and other crucial performance data.

  • With the Smart Control Meter, pulsation can be controlled and managed at each stall point. No master control is needed.
  • Program the pulsation to stop when the milking unit is detached on each individual cow.
  • Save unnecessary run time with power saving mode when your pulsators are not in use.
  • Special pulsation rate/ratio is pre-programmed for the wash cycle. Adjusted pulsation during washing saves run time and reduces liner wear.
  • SmartControl Meter Groups are pre-assembled and pre-tested in the BouMatic factory and include PRISM communication cables, power cables and pulsation cables with quick connect wire connections. Ideal for retrofit projects, SmartControl Meter Groups are designed to save time by significantly reducing the number of wiring requirements during installation.

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