Smart Dairy Automation System

Smart Dairy controller is easy-to-use and provides the flexibility you need with the freedom you want, in a complete dairy management system. Flexible control and safe, reliable data management means efficiency and performance for your dairy.

Smart Dairy Management Systems offers software for Milk Harvest, Reproduction, Sorting, Hoof Care, along with world class herd management software, HerdMetrix™ as standard. With Smart Dairy software specific to each module you have the ultimate freedom to manage your dairy for maximum efficiency and profitability.

In the milking parlour, SmartDairy manages pulsation, meters and detachers so dairy managers can evaluate cows, milk production and employee efficiency. For efficient cow traffic flow, SmartDairy controls crowd gates, stall operation and all entrance, exit and sort gates. Outside the parlour, cow health and comfort are managed through specialized hoof care and feeding systems.

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