Manure Handling

Pollock Rope Scrapers are the most effective and efficient slurry scrapers available. The link to their excellence is the high- quality gearbox, fully galvanised frame, superior rope as well as our tried and tested scraper blades and our extremely well-built control system.

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Blades easily removed (without tools) in emergencies
Cleans buildings in excess of 100m in less than 30mins
Quiet running less stressful to livestock
Animal friendly tramp proof superior rope
Control panel software with no codes or service lockout.

Drive Units

Simple, Robust and efficient the Pollock Rope Scraper winches provide both drive and tension to the Rope Scraper System. A smooth winch drum driven through a hollow shafted gearbox to provide a positive drive to the Rope Scraper System. The drive units frame, cover and towers are fully galvanised allowing them to be mounted inside or outside the building.

Scraper Blades

Pollock Scraper blades have been designed for maximum durability, effectiveness and flexibility. The blades and wings, which float independently of the frame, follow the contours of existing floors. Constructed from heavy duty steel, the blades are reversible and wings interchangeable while the wearing surfaces are hardened to ensure long lasting wear. An inbuilt rapid tensioning device to pre-tension the superior rope is fitted to the drawbar of the scraper blade.


Designed and manufactured in house. Simplicity, reliability and safety are the key notes of the controller’s design which are at the hub of all Pollock Rope Scraper Systems. No codes of any type are written into the software.

Corner Rollers

Designed for ease of maintenance, this corner roller features a galvanised folded plate which allows access to the corner roller, bearing and axle pin. Constructed to withstand prolonged use all Pollock Corner rollers are fitted with plain bearings, with each module also having the facility for addition lubrication, if necessary.

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