Real Time

BouMatic’s Real Time Activity System provide individual data on each animal bringing you the ability to make smart herd management decisions. Real Time Activity is more than just activity; it’s a cow health check tool. This system can also be fitted independent from your parlour, so even if your parlour is not Boumatic this can still be installed.

‘A Health snapshot of your cows on time, anytime!’

The BouMatic neck tag provides extremely accurate heat detection with health monitoring and Real Time data is accessible at anytime from anywhere through the BouMatic HerdMetrix™ phone app. The data you receive can let you know days in advance or before physical signs develop that a cow is in need of attention. By monitoring key indicators such as eating, rumination averages and inactivity times, it allows you to recognise deviations in behaviour. Early identification and treatment of sick animals may reduce the overall cost of treatments, increase recovery times, improve animal welfare & reduce culling.

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