Real Time with Rumination and Cow Location

Much more than activity: BouMatic RealTime now provides rumination monitoring and cow positioning.
This comprehensive system measures the rest or activity periods, analyses the ingestion and rumination times of your cows or your heifers.
Combined with other health parameters, this allows early detection of potential health problems and provides the most reliable of alarms.

In addition, beacons in your barn will give you even faster access to monitored animals.

Cow activity and health monitoring systems – gaining a better health snapshot of your cows anytime.

  • Activity – Ability to identify cows requiring attention for servicing or for potential preventive health treatment
  • Rumination – A cow’s hours of rumination can be calculated based on various behaviors. The combination of this along with other health parameters can help ensure early detection of potential health problems and result in the most reliable attention alerts
  • Cow Positioning – Beacons are placed every 50 feet (15 meters) along both the length and width of the barn. After creating a map of the barn and calibrating the beacons, the beacons signal between the neck tag and a central antenna to calculate the position of each cow. You are then able to locate each cow in the barn from your tablet, smartphone or PC.
  • Time Savings – Save hours of time without having to search for cows needing attention; map can be shared with inseminator, vet and employees so they can easily work with the system to complete their task on their own
  • IDs anywhere – There is no need for the animal to walk through a parlor ID portal making it ideal for heifers and dry cows
  • Advanced herd management – SmartDairy® combined with HerdMetrix™ provides you flexibility in the reporting to tune it to your own management style

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