Real Time with Integration

Much more than activity: BouMatic RealTime powered by Nedap provides integration, rumination monitoring and cow positioning.

Integrate with management programs through One Collar!

RealTime powered by Nedap easily integrates with all common dairy management programs. Thanks to advanced API connections and cloud integrations, cow data and calendar data can automatically be synchronized between systems. This prevents double entry, saving time and annoyance.

This comprehensive system measures rest and activity periods, analyses the ingestion and rumination times of your cows or your heifers. Combined with other health parameters, this allows early detection of potential health problems during a cows transition period, calving and lactation such as metabolic diseases or heat stress. The system provides the most reliable of alarms to alert you to your herds needs before clinical signs are visible.

Sorting and Routing – Control your cow flow. Save time and labour.

RealTime Sorting and Routing controls the entire cow flow on the farm.

The processes of separating cows for treatment and routing cows to any specific location in the barn or to pasture are fully automated. This saves time and labour and facilitates controlled growth. Integration with Real Time makes it possible to automatically separate cows needing to be inseminated or treated according to health alerts, without having to touch them a single time.

This pushes farm efficiency to the next level!

Feeding – In Parlour & Out of Parlour

Feeding for optimal production while saving costs.

Integration with the Feed to Yield system in Herd Metrix allows you to adjust feed quantities based on an individual cow’s health. This decision is made from the data provided, records of health events, breeding & treatment, activity & previous feeding are all centralised on Herd Metrix. Having this efficient dosing system to accurately release individual quantities helps lower concentrate costs, boost yield figures and improve the welfare of individual cows and the herd.

Out-of-Parlour feeding is a modern sophisticated feeding system. Dispensing of concentrate feed is programmed on your PC with the Herd Metrix software for individual cows, groups or at production level. The easy to install out-of-parlour feed station only requires one feed station frame for all ID systems. It optimally spreads out her portions throughout the day and offers a comfortable, protected eating environment.

Cow Location

Beacons are placed every 50 feet (15 meters) along both the length and width of the shed. After creating a map of the barn and calibrating the beacons, the beacons signal between the neck tag and a central antenna to calculate the position of each cow. You are then able to locate each cow in the barn from your tablet, smartphone, or PC.

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