Plate Cooler

The plate heat exchanger (Plate Cooler) uses well water and/or chilled water to pre-cool milk before it enters the bulk tank. Pre-cooling milk can save on cooling energy costs and can help maintain milk quality. All Plate Coolers are CIP ready. BouMatic Plate Coolers are unrivalled for fast, efficient milk cooling and will use your well water or chilled water for the most effective milk cooling.

Fast, Efficient Milk Cooling for the Highest Quality Milk

  • Helps preserve milk quality – Inhibits bacteria growth by cooling milk fast. Internal flow pattern ensures maximum heat transfer and low pressure drop.
  • Save energy costs – Precools milk with well water and reduces energy requirements from refrigeration system. Use for partial pre-cooling or 100% instant cooling.
  • Grows with your dairy – When more cooling capacity is needed, more plates can be added. Designed for milking systems with as few as 4 units to more than 100 units. Choose Single Pass Single Coolant Plate coolers, Dual Pass, Three Pass or Four Pass depending on your dairy needs.
  • High-quality construction – Stainless steel construction. Clip-on gaskets for easy maintenance.

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