In Parlour Feeding

In-Parlour Feeding

Our In-Parlour feeders are simple to operate, easy to install, easy to maintain, strong, reliable and accurate. They can be installed in 90 degree & herringbone parlours; we also have a unique design that allows for an impressive solution to In Parlour Feeding with Rapid Exit.

The Feeders are stainless steel construction with a solid shaft auger, they’re fed by a 30kg hopper that can supply various types of feed. Using a timed motor to dispense a given quantity they can be easily adjusted by altering either the running time or the delivery rate. The In-Parlour feeding can also be linked to the SmartDairy Feeding Module for Feed to Yield.

With the SmartDairy Feeding Module, it is easier than ever to manage your herd’s nutritional needs. The SmartDairy module is powered by the SmartDairy Controller, BouMatic ID and SmartDairy Feeding software. Linking the feeders to the Feed to Yield system in Herd Metrix allows you to adjust feed quantities based on an individual cow’s health

Having In-Parlour feeding installed in your parlour creates a more inviting parlour to the cow, creating a calmer & quicker milking session. Cows that are fed during milking have increased levels of oxytocin which boosts Milk let down.

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