Herd Metrix Advance Plus Herd Management Software.

HerdMetrix is BouMatic’s world class herd management software included with the Smart Dairy software. HerdMetrix manages vital production information from your cows in a user-friendly, windows-based software package.

HerdMetrix utilizes the most up-to-date parameters in herd and individual cow management. Efficient, intuitive data entry reduces time spent at the management computer and reduces user error.

Performance data can be summarized in customized management reports that you develop for your dairy. Management reports, together with the Combined Action List of the recent days’ management events, give you the ultimate tool for catching herd health issues before they start robbing you of your profits.

HerdMetrix Advance Plus includes a Standard Peak Production Analysis to monitor feed intake relative to production and lactation on a per cow basis, Feeding Calculations including set up, purchased feed management, a feed deviation alert and much more.
HerdMetrix Advance Plus is the direct link to governmental animal recording and tracking systems NMR, SABRE, Holstein UK etc. Advance Plus allows you to send your pedigree registrations, import classification data, view your dairy’s profit and loss information, access your herd inventory summary and generate monthly economic performance reports all at your Smart Dairy management computer.

Adavanced features include:

  • Herd Fertility Graph
  • Insemination Analysis
  • SCC Analysis Reports
  • Body condition score analysis
  • Medicine stock
  • Hoof treatment report
  • Semen stock
  • Breeeding planner
  • Monthly performance report
  • 12 Month milk forecast
  • Parlour performance
  • Operator Performance 

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