Guardian Supreme

guardian supreme

The Guardian Supreme is the next generation pipeline washer with automatic chemical dispensing, fully flexible wash cycle programming, and wastewater management making it a premier choice.
Wash cycles can be programmed to fit the specific needs of any dairy, from setting cycle duration to chemical concentration & water temperature.
Automatic chemical dispensing means no immediate contact of the operator with the chemicals and no overdosing. The Guardian Supreme also alerts the operator to low chemical levels in the containers.
Its waste water management features make the Guardian an extremely ecological unit: used water can be sent to one of up to 4 different destinations.

The programmable electronic pipeline washer for milking installations consists of 2 modules:

  • One module for the control electronics, the digital display screen, and the programming buttons.
  • One module for the 3 dosing pumps that allow the traditional alternating wash and the concentrated wash with three washing chemicals (alkaline, chlorinated, acid) in the same cycle.

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