swingover parlour

The GT2 combines the best of herringbone and parallel stalls in an affordable parlour solution. Compact 76 cm stall spacing with front exit makes this stall design ideal for installing into narrow buildings. Parallel-style udder access provides efficient milking from the rear.

This 60 degree galvanized stall suspended on beams, is built with a 2” rump rail at a 13° angle. It is constructed with an integrated splash panel that protects both the operator and the milking equipment.

The GT2 has a Rugged design with robust two-inch pipe construction for a solid, long lasting milking parlour. The bolt-together construction provides quick, economical installation.

Feature-rich & configurable – Many popular option packages like in parlour feeding on a rapid exit allows for a fast flow through the parlour.

Optional DualFlo Swing-Over System – Ideal for DualFlo Swing-Over installations.

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