TITAN Backing Gate


The ElectroMech Agri TITAN Backing Gate is available in two options, conditional to the parlour configuration. Both designs are custom-made to the requirements of the collecting yard and are built for heavy duty use.

Cow flow through a parlour can be improved by up to 20% if a crowd gate is properly managed. All structures that are in contact with the cow are free of electricity which allows a safe and stress-free cow movement to the parlour.

Two types of gate operation are available with either TITAN gate system: standard manual operation and auto-advance

  • Standard manual operation: the user initiates all gate functions; opening, closing and moving.
  • Auto-Advance operation: the gate works in conjunction with the entrance gate to crowd cows automatically. With the auto-crowd option the user does not need to initiate forward movement of the gate. When the last cow enters the milking system, the TITAN Backing Gate safely and automatically lifts and returns to the entrance of the holding area for the next group of cows.

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Rotary Parlour

A bespoke comb entry system, designed specifically with a rotary parlour in mind but can be installed in any collecting yard. The hydraulic powered, chain driven advance and return delivers a gentle and secure handling of cows.

The moving gate posts moves up the collecting yard then interleaves with static pillars at an angle to taper down the collecting yard and corral the cows towards the lead in rails of the parlour. This gate can be designed and manufactured up to 50ft in width.


Parallel & Herringbone Parlours

The TITAN Backing Gate although Heavy Duty delivers gentle, effortless forward movement of the herd through the collecting yard to bring the next string of cows into position to enter the milking system. This gate can be designed and manufactured up to 60ft in width.


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