EMA Indy 360EX

The ElectroMech Agri Indy 360Ex Rotary milking platform is representative of the innovative design & solutions we here at ElectroMech Agri strive to achieve. We do not economize on design or construction, using only strong, high quality materials to ensure reliability and durability. This is a platform designed and built to endure 24/7 operating.

The double I-Beam design with 2 rollers per point provides a flat surface to move over the roller wheels, this offers the deck flexibility to float effortlessly on the rollers, reducing wear and increasing longevity.

 The cabinet is compact with a low profile design incorporating the fold-away jetter tray, retention & attach/detach button and the ACR. 

The Entry Exit areas due to the evolution of the V shaped entrance race we have been able to measure a 10% improvement in cow-flow, The V shape allows cows to enter the platform at their own pace and subsequently they are much more confident.

The Indy 360 EX comes standard with Stainless Steel troughs and when linked to Herd Metrix offers optimized food rations & increased milk production.

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