Introducing the INDY 360EX Rotary Milking Platform!

For customers who demand excellence and high run-times, the INDY 360EX rotary milking platform is the perfect solution.

This cutting-edge system provides a spacious and streamlined workspace that goes beyond the typical rotary milking parlour. Boasting several innovative design and technical features, the INDY 360EX is truly in a class of its own.

Designed, Fabricated, Installed & Maintained by Our Team

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On this page, you will find a four-part series with Grasstec featuring Technical Manager Gary McLean showcasing the INDY 360EX rotary and additional features in this parlour.


The INDY 360EX rotary begins with the roller chassis assembly. Here, cost reduction would mean lower durability and reduced reliability. The key components for a reliable rotating assembly is reliability and durability, it is essential to use strong, high-quality materials in its construction. Our team prioritizes quality over cost, and we never compromise on the design and construction of our products.

The Double I-beam located underneath the platform provides a flat surface for the roller wheels to move over smoothly, resulting in effortless and silent movement while reducing wear and increasing longevity. We specify that two rollers be mounted per stall to ensure maximum efficiency.

The platform is driven with electrical motors, protected to avoid electrical interference. There are a number of drive units on the platform, easily controlled from the cups-on area. Electrical consumption is low, each motor is rated at 1.1kW, but use less than this, as they are, in normal operation, controlled through a variable speed drive. The gearboxes & motors have been tested and proven, with no slips in 10,000 starts and stops!

The milking equipment is installed in the basement configuration, positioned within the platform and shielded from water, muck, and cow slobber by a protective shield located on the deck in front of the cows. Built-in drains direct water and waste away from the equipment, ensuring that the milking equipment remains safe and secure.

In the centre of the basement is the Central Gland of the INDY 360EX rotary which is customised to each parlour. The Central Gland has the ability to transfer key supplies onto the rotating platform, supplying the rotary’s Vacuum, Air, Electricity, Comms and optionally the cluster flush.

Above deck on the platform of the INDY 360EX the cabinet is a compact and low profile design, incorporating the fold-away jetter tray, retention & attach/detach button and the ACR. It can be manufactured in mild steel, galvanised or stainless steel. Ergonomically designed to suit the milker with the cluster & operational buttons at a suitable height.

With safety of both the cows and operators in mind when using the INDY 360EX our parlours are equipped with sensors and emergency stops. If any sensors are activated and the rotary has been stopped the Rotary Main Control gives an instant indication of which sensor has stopped the rotary. Our centralised diagnostics panel allows for quick diagnostics of the rotary as it is equipped with easy to see LED’s to assist the operator for quick analysis and prevent long down times when milking.

Improved platform accessibility and efficiency comes after years of experience and the ability to meet high expectations.

The entrance and exit to the INDY 360EX is in a V-shape which allows cows to enter the platform at their own pace and subsequently they are much more confident. We can ensure a smooth flow of traffic onto the platform with our bespoke TITAN Backing Gate. When a crowd gate is properly managed we have been able to measure a 20% improvement in cow-flow, due to the evolution of the V-shaped entrance race.

Upon entry, there is also the choice of having Pre-Sort, which sorts cows into a separate holding pen if they need to be milked separately, such as to collect colostrum.

The INDY 360EX includes Stainless Steel troughs as a standard feature. The In-Parlour Feeding system can be linked to a Feed to Yield System, this allows each cow to be fed based on their individual requirements.

An additional feature available on the INDY 360EX is Smart Retention. This system intelligently determines if the cow should be brought back for a second turn, ensuring efficient operations.

On exit, the INDY 360EX is designed with ample space providing room for 3 stalls to allow cows time to safely back off and turn away from the rotary. The cow will then be navigated through our advanced sorting.

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