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Boumatic cleaning chemicals have been designed to offer ultimate performance to ensure the production of high quality milk when using all types of milking machines. Boumatic formulations are effective in the removal of fat and protein deposits whilst leaving surfaces free from bacteria.

The ideal combinations recommended by Boumatic belong to the generation of concentrated cleaning products especially formulated for automatic use with Guardian pipeline washers. They provide very good cleaning of milking systems throughout the year and is suitable for any type of milking systems, with any type of water hardness.

Sana Guard 1 – a concentrated, chlorine-free, liquid alkaline cleaner. It is a strong detergent for milking systems and bulk tanks. Usable with all Guardian pipeline washers and Sanidose systems

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Sana Guard 2 – an active concentrated liquid chlorine cleaner. During the wash cycle, Sana Guard 1 should be combined with Sana Guard 2 for complete removal of protein residues and disinfection. Used at 0.15% or higher, this product significantly reduces costs per wash in most water conditions.

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Acid 3X – is a powerful concentrated liquid acid descaler and cleaner for milking systems and bulk tanks. Used at concentrations between 0.05% and 0.08%, Acid 3X is an economical and environmentally friendly product.

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With a rise in farms needing to use chlorine-free cleaners, our recommended alternative to Sana Guard 2 is – 

Oxy Brosse – a Peracetic (peroxyacetic) acid based chemical.  Oxy Brosse is an active oxygen-based disinfectant for the cleaning and decontamination of milking equipment. Designed for the cleaning and sanitizing of all clusters after infected cows, this product can be used for equipment decontamination between two milking shifts and for milking robots.
Due to its active oxygen, Oxy Brosse is rapidly efficient and safe. With its quick and very efficient action against bacteria, mould, yeast, viruses and spores, Oxy Brosse avoids all cross-contamination between animals. 

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