BouMatic Sort Gate

SmartDairy Sort Module Sorting cows is one of the most labor-intensive, time-consuming activities on a dairy. Dairies need to sort cows for any number of reasons, including group changes, breeding, hoof trimming and herd health checks. With SmartDairy Sort Software, you can automate this entire process, saving you both time and money. 

Gives you the ability to create custom sorting criteria, set sort start times and duration, assign multiple sorts to sort gates, and easily enter lists of known cows to sort, ensuring the right cows will be sorted when and where you need themWorks with all RFID Ear tags, including the Boumatic RealTime Activity collars. 

Operates both as an add-on Module to your existing SmartDairy Management System or as a stand-alone product SmartDairy Sort Software offers the ultimate in flexibility so you can customize your sorts to meet your management needs and maximize your dairy’s efficiency.

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