Boumatic Glacier – FIC Bulktank G9

boumatic bulk tank

Glacier Milk Coolers deliver the industry’s most advanced design and engineering for smooth running dependability. Built with precision-engineered evaporator plates, the Glacier delivers the perfect balance of maximum cooling, consistent pressure drops, uniform refrigerant distribution and efficient oil return. This means the most cost-efficient operation for your dairy approved to use the most environmentally friendly refrigerant available today. Bulk tanks are available from 2000-30,000 litres capacity

Technical Specification Manufacture: 

  • AISI 304 stainless steel inner tank and outer casing
  • Millimeter stainless steel dip-stick with conversion-table in litres for the measurement of milk-level.

Cooling System:

  • Non-icing cooling even with low filling level.
  • Direct expansion.
  • R404A refrigerating fluid for all models.
  • It complies with EN 13732.


  • Automatic washing Ramset type controlled by FIPO 1 milk-controller with the following
  • low water and detergent consumption
  • efficient washing system by means of rotating speaker construction Fic high efficiency  dosing pumps

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