BouMatic AirTrac

AirTrac - crowd gate

The BouMatic Air-Trac crowd gate is a parlour entry system, which gently encourages cows from the collecting yard toward the milking parlour entrance for milking. Cow flow through a parlour can be improved by 10-20% if a crowd gate is properly managed. One of the major problems with cow flow is people not allowing the crowd gate to train the cows to enter the parlour but instead they chase the cows into the parlour. When cows are properly trained by using only the crowd gate, the door from the parlour pit to the holding area can be kept closed during milking.

Two types of gate operation are available with the gate system: standard manual operation and automatic-crowd.

  • Standard manual operation: the user initiates all gate functions; opening, closing and moving.
  • Automatic-crowd operation: the gate works in conjunction with the entrance gate to crowd cows automatically. With the auto-crowd option the user does not need to initiate forward movement of the gate.

Installed with a lifting gate option to separate cow groups well before they enter the parlour. When the last cow of the group has entered the milking parlour, the lifting gate comes back into the initial position and gently pushes the next group towards the parlour.

The air-powered AirTrac advance and return delivers a gentle and secure handling of your cows.

All structures that are in contact with the cow are free of electricity which allows a stress-free cow movement to the parlour.


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