BlueMAX Teat Care

Taking good care of teats means taking good care of your cows and, in turn, improving their performance. You will find the right solution for your needs in our BlueMax range!

BouMatic has developed a specific range of products to combine “Teat protection” and “Skin conditioning”. Healthy skin is the first line of defence for teats. 

BlueMAX teat care products combine 3 types of emollients:

• Humectants absorb moisture from the air.

• Occlusive agents prevent water from evaporating from the teat.

• Moisturisers release water directly from the emollient to the skin.

BlueMAX Premium is the only pre and post-milking ready to use chlorine dioxide product!

Highly innovative BlueMAX Premium is an unparalleled solution to date, thanks to its patented “ebond” technology which gives it stability and performance.

BlueMAX Premium offers real ease of use and avoids product wastages compared with all the other teat dips based on chlorine dioxide.

• Pre or post-milking teat disinfection

• Can be used as foam, spray or dip

• Reduced consumption for better cost control

• Contains more than 15% of emollients to keep teat skin soft and moisturised

BlueMAX Premium contains the ideal level of lactic acid to prevent hyperkeratosis.



BlueMAX Xtrem contains 15% of emollients for optimal skin conditioning, perfect for post milking. Healthy teats help fight against mastitis. When the teat skin is soft and supple, cleaning teats before milking is extremely easy.

BlueMAX Xtrem also contains lactic acid, which ensures optimum skin exfoliation so as to prevent hyperkeratosis and sanitize the teat skin.

• High visibility

• With READY TO USE chlorine dioxide


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