AMI 5550 Automatic Detacher

ami 5550

The AMI 5550 automatic detacher from BouMatic is the new generation of detacher; capitalize on your future. The 5550 Milk Yield Indicator is the crossroad where great ergonomics meets ultimate efficiency. This purebred BouMatic detacher has been developed to be the best in class in the dairy industry. Available for new parlours or to upgrade your existing system, it offers you the opportunity to go to the next level.

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The AMI 5550 automatic detacher uses an intuitive control to manage an unrivalled list of functions. The milking point controller displays milk yield with active flow graph, cow data, milking total, milking time, all errors and alerts, as well as milk conductivity and milk temperature. The AMI 5550 works perfectly independently. Paired with SmartDairy and ID, the AMI 5550 delivers top performance herd management for a great value.

Graphic display that shows milk flow graph, milk yield, and more at a glance.

Programmable timer to help insure important prep procedures are being maintained. This is a feature that can be activated or deactivated as you desire.

Displays Cow ID, stall and lot number, holds and attentions. Pair with SmartDairy to immerse yourself in advanced herd management.

Complementary colour-coded LED alarm assures you will never miss critical information, even from afar. LED and screens show recognizable error messages for deviations.

Ergonomic keypad with reliable membrane buttons, sized for ease of use. Action Keys can control entrance and exit gates; start and end wash and milk modes. Capable of sorting cows at each stall point.

Combine the AMI 5550 with SmartDairy Herd Management and ID tags and create a powerful tool. SmartDairy standard reports include the creation of summary, production and event reports. SmartDairy standard graphs include the creation of task-time, event and flow graphs.

Integrated, as a standalone or as a retrofit, there is a solution available for any situation.

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