As with any new tool, proper training and know-how are vital for success. In this blog post, we will provide you with essential tips to Perfect the TeatScrubber Prep, ensuring quality milk and optimal comfort for both cows and operators.

Teatscrubber udder prep


  1. Master the Teat Prep Order & Disinfecting. The order in which teats are prepped plays a significant role. Begin with the LF teat, followed by RF, RR, and finally LR. Remember to hold down the trigger continuously while dispensing the disinfectant. This systematic approach ensures thorough cleaning and disinfection.
  2. Perfect Your Timing. Timing is crucial for an effective disinfecting process. Aim for an overall duration of around 8 seconds, which averages out to about 2 seconds per teat. Adjust the time if necessary for dirtier cows but strive to maintain consistency. While some dairies may opt for a faster scrub process, we recommend spending this amount of time to ensure cows are properly cleaned and stimulated.
  3. Optimize Scrubber Angle & Motion. To achieve optimal results, make sure the teat is inserted directly into the center of the brush chamber. Additionally, incorporating a little side-to-side motion or “half-moon” shapes with the scrubber provides extra stimulation and enhances contact time between the brushes and the teat surface.
  4. Master the Drying Step. The drying step should mirror the teat prep order. Insert each teat into the brush chamber with the brushes spinning, without dispensing any chemical. The dry step should be shorter than the disinfecting step, lasting only about half to 1 second “up and down” per teat. If you notice any residual standing chemical on the teat surface, feel free to do another pass. Remember, a slight humidity left on the surface is acceptable and aids in the disinfection process to eliminate harmful bacteria.
  5. Wash the Scrubber Thoroughly. After prepping each line of cows or every 10 cows in a rotary, it’s crucial to wash the Teatscrubber properly. Utilize the provided drop hose in the parlor to blast both the top and bottom brushes with the chemical while they are spinning. Never immerse the scrubber in a bucket of water or disinfectant, as this can spread bacteria and potentially damage its internal components. Immediately remove any tail hair that may have become entangled in the brushes, as bent over brushes are not effective in cleaning.
  6. Mind the Prep Lag Time. Maintaining an optimal prep lag time is key to success. From the moment you begin the prep routine until the unit is attached, aim for a window of 90 to 120 seconds. This timeframe allows for optimal milk letdown, ensures cow comfort, and allows for evaporation of disinfectant on the teat surface.

With these essential tips in mind, you are well-equipped to Perfect the TeatScrubber Prep. Remember to prioritize proper teat prep order, timing, scrubber angle and motion, drying techniques, thorough scrubber washing, and appropriate prep lag time. By following these guidelines, you will contribute to the production of high-quality milk and enhance the comfort of both cows and operators. Embrace this new tool and make the most of your Teatscrubber!