Milkrite Liners

Our selection of Milkrite liners is carefully crafted to ensure both efficient milking and the well-being of your cows. Milkrite have put a lot of thought into designing these liners to provide gentle yet effective milking, ensuring your cows feel comfortable while maximizing milk extraction.

Opting for quality milk liners like Milkrite is essential for farmers who prioritize the health and happiness of their herd. These liners help prevent udder injuries and infections, ensuring your cows stay healthy and productive. Plus, they promote smooth milk flow and thorough milk removal, which means more milk in your tank and happier, healthier cows.

Milkrite Vented Liners Description

Milkrite Vented Liners features innovative mouthpiece vented technology. These liners boast controlled balanced airflow, enhancing teat condition, milk quality, and cow comfort. With the promise of relaxed parlour conditions and reduced instances of mastitis, Milkrite Vented Liners redefine efficiency and welfare in dairy farming.

  • Mouthpiece Vented Technology: Incorporates innovative mouthpiece vented technology.
  • Controlled Balanced Airflow: Ensures controlled and balanced airflow during milking.
  • Improved Teat Condition: Promotes healthier teat condition for the cows.
  • Better Milk Quality: Contributes to improved milk quality.
  • Improved Cow Comfort: Enhances cow comfort during the milking process.
  • Relaxed Parlour Conditions: Creates a more relaxed environment in the milking parlour.
  • Lower SCC and Reduced Cases of Mastitis: Leads to lower somatic cell count (SCC) and reduced instances of mastitis

Milkrite Liners are compatibility with multiple systems

  • Dairy Master
  • GEA Westfalia
  • Fullwood
  • Gascoigne
  • Delaval

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Why Choose Electromech Agri?

As Electromech Agri, we specialise in providing bespoke dairy solutions that prioritise both efficiency and cow comfort. Our exclusive dealership with Boumatic in Northern Ireland and Scotland ensures access to top-quality, reliable equipment. With our in-house design, fabrication, and service teams, we guarantee seamless coordination from initial concept to final installation. Our commitment to 24/7 aftercare service demonstrates our dedication to supporting our customers and minimising disruptions to their operations. Partnering with us means investing in tailored solutions that enhance milk production and promote herd welfare.

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