Milking Parlours & Equipment Tailored To Your Dairy Farm’s Needs

As a leading dairy farm supplier in the UK and Ireland, Electromech Agri specialises in providing state-of-the-art equipment and solutions for modern dairy farming. With years of expertise in the industry, we are committed to meeting the needs of dairy farmers by offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Milking Parlours

At Electromech Agri, we offer a range of milking parlours and associated equipment that are adapted to the needs of you and your farm.

We offer an extensive range of milking parlours from both BouMatic such as rotary parlours and our own designs providing farmers with a provide comprehensive solutions for the modern dairy farm. Prioritising technology, cow comfort, and milk quality sets our designs apart from other manufacturers.

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Milking Parlour Feeders

Designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient and precise feeding for dairy cows. Our milking parlour feeders prioritise the well-being and health of the cows by providing a controlled and optimised feeding environment.

Enjoy ease of use and minimal maintenance with our parlour feeders. Our feeders are constructed with durable materials and incorporate user-friendly interfaces, making them convenient and efficient to operate. The feeders can be easily integrated with existing milking parlour systems, streamlining the overall management of the dairy farm.

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CIP Systems For Milk Parlours

Our CIP systems are specifically engineered to meet the unique cleaning requirements of milking parlours. These systems employ advanced technology and intelligent design to effectively clean and sanitise milking equipment, ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness and milk quality.

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Milking Parlour Cleaners

In conjunction with our CIP systems, we offer a range of high-quality CIP chemical cleaners. These chemicals are specifically formulated to meet the cleaning requirements of milking parlours.

Our range of CIP chemicals are developed with a focus on effectiveness and safety. They are gentle on milking equipment surfaces, preventing damage and prolonging the lifespan of the components. The chemicals are also compliant with industry regulations and standards, ensuring optimal hygiene and milk quality.

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Milking Parlour Equipment

We provide a wide range of milking parlour equipment, including spare parts, from leading manufacturers in the industry. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we offer top-of-the-line products from reputable manufacturers such as BouMatic, Gascoigne, and Cotswold.

By partnering with these leading manufacturers, we ensure that dairy farmers have access to the highest quality milking parlour equipment available in the market with a comprehensive selection of equipment, including milking machines, pulsation systems, cow brushes, vacuum pumps, milk meters, and more, all designed to optimise milking efficiency and cow comfort.

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Milking Parlour Workwear

Made from premium, breathable materials, our workwear guarantees enduring comfort, even during extended hours in the milking parlour. The ergonomic design considers the dynamic movements essential in the dairy industry, delivering flexibility without sacrificing comfort. Expect waterproof features and long-lasting, durable parlour workwear.

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Milking Parlour Design

Our project management team tailors milking parlour designs to your specifications, providing a unique solution for your farm. ElectroMech Agri offers a full set of drawings, utilising the latest technologies to ensure optimal project outcomes. Our distinctive designs stand out in the market, delivering expert advice and the best layout for your farm.

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Backing Gates and Handling Facilities

Electromech Agri, renowned experts in milking parlour equipment, offers a range of cutting-edge gate backing systems and modules to help you optimize your milking operation. These systems can save you valuable time and labor while ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for your herd, ultimately enhancing milk quality and the overall well-being of your cattle.

Electromech Agri offers these essential facilities to meet the diverse needs of modern dairy farms, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.

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Why Choose Electromech Agri?

As Electromech Agri, we specialise in providing bespoke dairy solutions that prioritise both efficiency and cow comfort. Our exclusive dealership with Boumatic in Northern Ireland and Scotland ensures access to top-quality, reliable milking equipment. We are also official dealerships for Milkrite.

With our in-house design, fabrication, and service teams, we guarantee seamless coordination from initial concept to final installation. Our commitment to 24/7 aftercare service demonstrates our dedication to supporting our customers and minimising disruptions to their operations. Partnering with us means investing in tailored solutions that enhance milk production and promote herd welfare.

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