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ElectroMech Agri Ltd are a Dairy parlour equipment supplier & agricultural engineering company, specialising in bespoke dairy solutions, installations & service provision.

If you’re in need of some consumables or parlour parts you’re now able to purchase these online at a time that suits you through our eCommerce site. You can also view equipment by category on this page further below

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Milking Parlour Spares

Looking for spares to have on hand? We have a huge range of equipment from Vee Belts, Switch Assemblies to Brackets and much more.

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CIP Cleaning Chemicals

Boumatic cleaning chemicals have been designed to offer ultimate performance to ensure the production of high quality milk when using all types of milking machines. Boumatic formulations are effective in the removal of fat and protein deposits whilst leaving surfaces free from bacteria.

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Teat Hygiene & Udder Sanitation

Teat hygiene and herd sanitation are essential for milk production. Invest in quality and economical teat dips with BouMatic.

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ACR Milking Parlour Parts

Find ACR snap spring clips and ACR cords at our online store.

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Ambic Replacement Nozzle

Replacement nozzle specific for the Ambic Teat Spray

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Milking Parlour Vee Belts

Find quality B Section and A Section Vee Belts with Electromech Agri. For use as spares or replacements.

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Ezi Action Pumps

Ranging from 20Litres to 200Litres. Ezi Action are true double action pump innovative, easy, patented pumping technology

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Milking Parlour Feeder Motors

Find replacement motors for EMA feeding systems, BouMatic feeding systems or other related models.

Used to dispense a given quantity of feed at set intervals that can be easily adjusted by altering either the running time or the delivery rate.

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PectoLit Natural Feed

PECTOLIT contains ingredients which aid digestion; the added vitamins encourage the metabolism and immune system.
A rapidly effective feed, it can be given right from the first days after birth.

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Milking Parlour Tubes & Tubing

Our range of tubing provide superior performance which helps improve the productivity of milking parlours. High tear resistance and rebound properties.

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Milking Parlour Volume Washers & Connectors

Volume washers produce a high flow of low pressure water. This is useful for floating off easy to remove mud and muck from parlours, animal sheds and farmyards.

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Milking Parlour Vacuum Pump Oils

Find Vacuum Oils and lubricants ready to be delivered to you and your farm.

BouMatic Milking Parlour Equipment

BouMatic can supply the most suitable, automated milking system for any milking parlour. Expect high quality and efficiency with BouMatic Equipment and Parts.

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Milkrite Liners

Milkrite Liners are specifically developed to remain both gentle on the sensitive teats and ensure efficient milking. Expect a premium quality liner with them!

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Cotswold Milking Parlour Equipment

For nearly 50 years Cotswold Dairy Equipment has been developing and manufacturing milk management solutions which enable the production of high quality milk worldwide.

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