Milking Parlour Design Service

Our Project Management Team brings years of expertise to the forefront of designing bespoke milking parlours tailored specifically to meet your needs, cater to your unique herd requirements, and align seamlessly with your budget.

With a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in the agricultural sector, our team is dedicated to crafting milking parlours that go beyond standard solutions. We understand that each farm is unique, and our commitment is to work closely with you, ensuring that the design of your parlour is not only technologically advanced but also works perfectly with the comfort and well-being of your herd.

What To Expect From Our Design Process

Designing a milking parlour is a comprehensive process that involves careful consideration of various factors. Here’s what a milking parlour design service might entail:

1. Site Assessment: Evaluate the farm’s topography and layout to determine the most suitable location for the milking parlour. Consider factors such as accessibility, drainage, and proximity to other farm facilities.

2. Herd Size and Composition: Assess the current herd size and potential future expansions to determine the appropriate capacity of the milking parlour. The design should accommodate the number and types of animals in the herd.

3. Technology Integration: Integrate advanced milking technologies, such as automated milking machines and data-driven management tools, into the design. Ensure seamless connectivity and compatibility for efficient data collection and analysis.

4. Animal Welfare: Prioritise the well-being of the animals by designing a parlour that minimises stress during milking. Consider features such as comfortable flooring, proper lighting, and efficient handling facilities.

5. Hygiene and Sanitation: Design milking parlour layouts that facilitate easy cleaning and sanitation. Choose materials that are resistant to bacteria and easy to maintain for optimal hygiene standards.

6. Ergonomics and Labour Efficiency: Design workspaces with ergonomic considerations to enhance the comfort and efficiency of farm personnel. This includes the placement of controls, monitoring systems, and easy access to equipment.

7. Energy Efficiency: Consider incorporating energy-efficient systems and sustainable practices into the design. This may include efficient lighting, ventilation, and the use of renewable energy sources where applicable.

8. Flexibility and Scalability: Design the milking parlour with scalability in mind, allowing for future expansions or technological upgrades. A flexible design ensures that the facility can adapt to changes in herd size or industry standards.

9. Compliance with Regulations: Ensure that the milking parlour design complies with local and industry regulations. This includes standards for animal welfare, milk quality, and environmental impact.

10. Cost Analysis: Provide a detailed cost analysis of the proposed milking parlour design, including the cost of equipment, construction, and any additional features. This helps the farm make informed decisions within their financial constraints.

A milking parlour design service aims to create a customised and efficient facility that aligns with the specific needs and goals of the dairy farm. It takes into account the latest technologies, sustainability practices, and considerations for both animal welfare and operational efficiency

Our Milking Parlour Design Process

Our Milking Parlour Design Process is a seamless blend of expertise, innovation, and client collaboration, ensuring the creation of a bespoke solution that perfectly aligns with your farm’s unique requirements

From planning to design to implementation and after care, we are there from start to finish & beyond.

Here at ElectroMech Agri not only do we have the facilities to design your parlour, we also fabricate and install it.

Once installation is complete we will service & maintain your parlour for years to come; or in the words of Boumatic For the life of your dairy“.

If you would like to find out more about the different parlours we provide, check out what we have to offer!

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