Improve Heat Detection

A fertility & health monitoring system for the entire herd.

BouMatic’s Real Time Activity System powered by Nedap provides individual data on each animal bringing you the ability to make smart herd management decisions. It automatically tracks signs of heat – such as increased activity, sniffing, chin resting and mounting behaviour – of all your cows 24 hours a day resulting in improved submission rates. The system shows a clear list of each cows heat start time followed by their optimal insemination window allowing for accurate timing of insemination for the highest chance of conception. It also provides additional reproduction insights, helping you to find cows with irregular heats, non-cycling cows and non-pregnant cows.

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‘A snapshot of your cows on time, anytime!’

If you’re looking to achieve optimal overall herd performance, save time and increase profitability with precision then knowing the health parameters of any cow in Real Time will accomplish this.

Real Time Activity is more than just activity; it’s a cow health check tool. The system compares all behaviour with standards for optimum condition, the previous behaviour of the cow and the behaviour of the group she is in and detects changes or abnormalities. It provides the earliest and most reliable health alerts for cows that need urgent attention and shows a list of cows that need to be checked today, allowing you to treat health issues before they become problems. It also enables you to intensively monitor transition cows and post-treatment recovery.

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Real Time with Integration

This system can be fitted independent from your parlour, so even if your parlour is not Boumatic this can still be installed to provide you with fertility insights and ‘A Health snapshot of your cows on time, anytime!’

The neck tag provides extremely accurate heat detection with health monitoring and Real Time data is accessible at anytime from anywhere through the HerdMetrix phone app. The data you receive can let you know days in advance or before physical signs develop that a cow is in need of attention. The Real Time system can also be linked to AI technicians and farm consultants to streamline data transfer, resulting in improved on farm efficiency as this will help reduce labour requirements.


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