I want to have better milking

Here at ElectroMech Agri we provide innovative solutions that help dairy farmers be more profitable while safeguarding animal welfare. We keep our focus on the welfare of the individual cows, and the welfare of the herd.

Working with BouMatic we ensure the milking machine removes the available milk from the cow’s udder Gently, Quickly & Completely. Improved Udder Health thanks to our lighter FloMax Claws & lower vacuum the possibilities of teat end damage is lowered. Healthier teats produce better-quality milk therefore a happier healthier cow and more profitable to the farmer.

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We keep in regard the profitability of the parlour to the farmer. We want to ensure that we maximise the return on investment in our parlours. More efficient milking with a faster throughout & higher yield due to the evolution of the V shaped entrance race we measured a 10% improvement in cow-flow through the parlour.

Coupling this with In-Parlour feeding accelerates milk let down & increases milk yield. Improved milk-out with in-parlour feeding; milk yield can be increased by up to 5% with in-parlour feeding due to the release of Oxytocin.

We ensure not only the comfort of the cow in the parlour but understand the importance of ergonomics to the operator.

We ensure they have clear visibility of the udders and easy access to the automation displays and controls. Working in a perfectly straight position we can adjust the floor in seconds to the ideal height with the HandyFloor; creating a safe and user friendly work station.