Carnhill Holsteins – Co. Antrim

Milking 220 Pedigree Holsteins on Gea Robots

  • Average milk yield – 10500 litres.
  • Average Cell Count – 170
  • Average TBC 3-4
  • Average Mastitis cases – 10/100 cows/ year
  • Blanket Dry Cow Therapy.
  • Cows are permanently housed and bedded on Paper ash.

How we make automated 1:1 dosing work on any robotic or traditional dosing system:

The Ambic Easidoser automated dosing unit is programmed on combining a 50/50 mix of Gladiator Pre/Post base and activator by way of high-volume peristaltic pumps with a microprocessor control system. This ensures 1:1 mixing of the Gladiator Base & Activator is accurate and fresh before every milking shift.

The EasiDoser has an LCD display and keypad for ease of use during set up and programming of the pump for run time and pump speed; the LCD display also shows relevant information when the unit is running and can be used to access performance data.

This setup can be used on any Milking Robot or in any Traditional Milking Parlour with an automated dosing system.

The Testimony

Speaking with Conor Casey he told us “ I was using Boumatic BlueMax Xtreme in our conventional Parlour, and I really liked the Chlorine Dioxide. I chose Gladiator Pre/Post to use through the Robots for this reason, as it is a chlorine Dioxide active base. We have been on it over a year now, and the system and Teat Dip is working really well. The results speak for themselves.  Also, the 220kg size suits the farm and Robot system”