Ryan Burns – Curlough Farm Vending, Aughnacloy.


Milking 200 Pedigree Holstein Cows through a 20 point Swing Over parlour, using harmony claws & triangular liners.


Struggled with liner slips & poor fit with an average of 5 claws per side dropping causing constant fidgeting from cows.


After reaching out to ElectroMech Agri, we provided Curlough Farm with Flo-Star Max Claws and Flex 40 vented Liners (circular).

These were used on farm for only 5 days before Ryan reported back a considerable difference and improvement with cows and the time taken to milk. Due to this vast improvement within such a short space of time Curlough Farm changed all 20 claws and lines to the Flo-Star Max claws and Flex 40 vented liners.


Since the trial and changeover, Curlough Farms has reported back they now have much more settled cows during milking, therefore a better milking environment. This has now resulted in 200 cows milking out more efficiently, resulting in a shorter milking time.

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If you are having issues with liner slips, poor milk let down or agitated cows during milking, find out how the FloStar Max or Xtreme & Flex Liners could change your milking routine!

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