Clean In Place (CIP) Systems

A CIP (Cleaning in Place) system for milking units is an automated and efficient cleaning method designed to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of milking equipment without the need for manual disassembly.

Electromech Agri are industry leaders and milking parlour specialists. Our line of CIP systems and modules can help you save time and labor while ensuring consistent and effective cleaning, ultimately contributing to improved milk quality and the overall health of your herd.


Introducing the Guardian™ II, your automatic plant washer. This incredible system ensures cleanliness before and after each milking shift. Combining the effectiveness of an efficient wash controller with the added security of an internal monitoring system, the Guardian™ II offers a comprehensive clean-in-place solution.

Enjoy the benefits of a programmable electronic control that allows you to customiae your wash cycle with three automatic sanitiae start times. The system also features three chemical pumps for sanitiaer, detergent, and acid, alongside a temperature sensor to monitor water temperature.

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The BouMatic Guardian Supreme is the next generation pipeline washer that surpasses all expectations. With automatic chemical dispensing, fully flexible wash cycle programming, and efficient wastewater management, it stands as the premier choice for dairy operations.

Customisable wash cycles cater to the unique needs of each dairy, allowing control over cycle duration, chemical concentration, and water temperature.The system is composed of two modules: one for control electronics, digital display, and programming buttons, and the other for three dosing pumps facilitating traditional alternating wash and concentrated wash with alkaline, chlorinated, and acid chemicals in a single cycle.

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ElectroMech Agri offers 4 types of reliable clean-in-place milking unit washers:

  1. EMA Jetter: Designed for parallel milking parlours, it simplifies milker’s pit cleaning with a stainless steel tilting tray, manifold distribution, and long profile jetter cups.
  2. Jetter Tray Assembly: Ideal for parlours, it enables clean-in-place washing of milking units and includes low profile jetter cups, stainless distributor tee, duckbill drain valve, restrictor orifice, and a stainless steel hook for claw positioning during washing. It stores away during milking.
  3. Fold-Down Jetter: Suitable for parlours with limited overhang space, it features a stainless steel door and enclosure, latch for secure closure during milking, and low-profile rubber jetter cups.
  4. Standard Jetter: This assembly comprises a stainless steel holder, stainless distributor tee with air vent, low profile jetter cups, and a drain valve.

All options are designed for optimal cleaning of milking units.

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