BouMatic Rotary Parlours

Choosing a milking parlour is one of the most critical decisions for dairy farmers, impacting both efficiency and cow welfare. BouMatic Rotary Parlours offer an unparalleled solution for modern dairy operations, combining advanced technology with ergonomic design to optimize milking performance and enhance herd management. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and cow comfort, BouMatic Rotary Parlours are the ideal choice for farmers seeking to streamline their milking process, improve milk quality, and maximise productivity.

What is a Rotary Milking Parlour?

A rotary milking parlour is a type of milking system used in dairy farming where cows are milked on a rotating platform. In a rotary parlour, the cows enter the milking area and stand on individual milking stalls situated around the perimeter of the circular platform. As the platform rotates slowly, the cows are brought to the milking station where they are milked by automated milking units or by hand. This continuous rotation allows for efficient and simultaneous milking of multiple cows, significantly reducing milking time and labor requirements. Rotary milking parlours are designed to maximize throughput, optimize milking efficiency, and ensure the comfort and well-being of the cows during the milking process.

BouMatic Xcalibur 360EX

Introducing the Xcalibur 360EX, the pinnacle of rotary milking systems designed for continuous, around-the-clock milking. Engineered with rugged precision, this system delivers unmatched throughput and efficiency for dairy operations. Its robust drive system, central pivot, and swivel, coupled with massive double I-beam drive rail, ensure unrivaled reliability. The Xcalibur 360EX prioritizes cow comfort with smooth operation, easy loading and unloading, and a contemporary, durable design. Operator efficiencies are enhanced with streamlined unit detachment and a convenient integrated system console at each stall. With its steel I-beam roller platform and durable nylon rollers, the Xcalibur 360EX offers lasting durability and value without the need for lubrication.

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BouMatic Streamline 360EX

Introducing the Streamline 360EX external rotary milking platform, tailored for commercial dairy farms and large family farms alike. Its uncluttered platform design, featuring integrated cabinets at each stall, forms the cornerstone of its innovative concept. The Streamline 360EX boasts unparalleled cow traffic thanks to its thoughtfully designed entrance lane, offering cows a free and safe path to the platform with clear visibility and spacious openings. This rotary ensures a secure and comfortable environment for both operators and cows, with offset top and bottom rear rails facilitating precise cow positioning and optimal udder access. Supported by two circular I-beams and exclusively designed nylon rollers, the heavy-duty platform moves smoothly without the need for lubrication. Each stall includes an integrated cabinet housing automation components, controls, and a closed jetter tray for impeccable hygiene throughout the milking process.

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BouMatic Xpedia 360IX

Introducing the Xpedia 360IX, a revolutionary milking platform that blends the best features of parallel, herringbone, and tandem designs to optimize parlour performance while ensuring the most comfortable and efficient milking experience. Its unique zigzag deck design prioritises operator comfort and provides unparalleled access to the udder, facilitating quick and stress-free milking sessions. With a clear view of all cows, operators can easily conduct fertility and health checks during milking if needed. The entrance and exit design of the Xpedia 360IX has been meticulously crafted to create a calm atmosphere, improving cow flow and overall milking efficiency. This platform stands out as the only one that can accommodate up to four milking points, allowing for seamless scalability as your herd grows. Additionally, it offers an in-parlour feeding option seamlessly integrated with the stall structure for added convenience.

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Why Choose Electromech Agri?

As Electromech Agri, we specialise in providing bespoke dairy solutions that prioritise both efficiency and cow comfort. Our exclusive dealership with Boumatic in Northern Ireland and Scotland ensures access to top-quality, reliable equipment. With our in-house design, fabrication, and service teams, we guarantee seamless coordination from initial concept to final installation. Our commitment to 24/7 aftercare service demonstrates our dedication to supporting our customers and minimising disruptions to their operations. Partnering with us means investing in tailored solutions that enhance milk production and promote herd welfare.

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