BouMatic Robotics

In the dynamic landscape of dairy farming, technological innovations continue to reshape traditional practices, driving efficiency, productivity, and animal welfare to new heights. Among these groundbreaking advancements, BouMatic Robotics stands out as a pioneering solution revolutionising dairy farm operations. Let’s explore the impact of robotics in dairy farms and milking parlours, and why farmers should consider incorporating BouMatic Robotics into their operations.

Impact of Robotics in Dairy Farms and Milking Parlours

The integration of robotics in dairy farms and milking parlours has ushered in a new era of efficiency, precision, and animal welfare. These advanced machines offer a multitude of benefits, including:

  1. Labour Savings: By automating routine tasks such as feed pushing and post-milking teat disinfection, robotics reduce the need for manual labour, allowing dairy farmers to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on strategic management tasks.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: Robotics optimise operational processes, ensuring timely and consistent execution of critical tasks. From pushing feed to promoting optimal rumen health and growth, to ensuring thorough teat disinfection to combat mastitis, these machines contribute to maximising milk production and maintaining herd health.
  3. Improved Animal Welfare: BouMatic Robotics are designed with cow comfort in mind, utilising sophisticated vision technology to approach cows safely and effectively. By promoting a stress-free environment and delivering precise care, these machines enhance the well-being of dairy animals, leading to healthier and happier herds.
  4. Precision and Consistency: Leveraging intelligent vision technology, BouMatic Robotics deliver precise and consistent results with every operation. Whether it’s pushing feed along a predetermined route or applying post-milking teat disinfectant, these machines ensure uniformity and efficacy, minimising variations and optimising outcomes.

Why Farmers Should Incorporate BouMatic Robotics

The incorporation of BouMatic Robotics into dairy farm operations offers a multitude of compelling reasons for farmers to embrace this transformative technology:

  1. Efficiency and Cost Savings: BouMatic Robotics streamline operational processes, reducing labour costs and maximising resource utilisation. From saving time and manpower with the BouMatic Ranger’s automated feed pushing to optimising labour management with the SR2 Spraying Robot, these machines deliver tangible cost savings and operational efficiencies.
  2. Enhanced Milk Production and Quality: By promoting consistent access to feed and ensuring thorough post-milking teat disinfection, BouMatic Robotics contribute to maximising milk production and maintaining high milk quality standards. The BouMatic Ranger’s ability to increase milk yield by up to 1 litre per cow per day underscores the significant impact of these machines on dairy farm profitability.
  3. Improved Animal Health and Welfare: BouMatic Robotics prioritise animal welfare, providing gentle and precise care to dairy animals. From reducing the risk of mastitis with the SR2 Spraying Robot to promoting optimal rumen health and growth with the BouMatic Ranger, these machines play a crucial role in safeguarding the health and well-being of dairy herds.

Recommended Robotic Solutions from BouMatic

BouMatic Ranger

The BouMatic Ranger is an innovative self-guided robot designed to push feed rations multiple times a day, transforming the way dairy farms manage their feeding processes. This robust feed pusher offers a range of benefits that positively impact both operational efficiency and milk production.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Labour Cost Reduction: By automating the feed pushing process, the BouMatic Ranger allows dairy farmers to significantly reduce labour costs. This automated solution eliminates the need for manual intervention, freeing up valuable time for other essential farm tasks.
  2. Increased Milk Production: The BouMatic Ranger plays a crucial role in enhancing milk production by ensuring full consumption of feed ration. This can lead to an increase of up to 1 litre per cow per day, a substantial boost that directly contributes to the farm’s overall productivity.
  3. Versatile Feeding Capability: The feed pusher is capable of handling various types of feed, including large quantities of hay or silage. Its versatility makes it suitable for different feeding scenarios, providing dairy farmers with flexibility in their feeding practices.
  4. Herd Health Improvement: With the BouMatic Ranger, cows benefit from a steadier access to feed. This ensures that all cows in the herd can consume the necessary ration for optimal rumen health and growth, contributing to the overall well-being of the herd.
  5. Time and Manpower Savings: The automated feed pushing mechanism operates continually, saving up to 180 man hours per year. This time-saving aspect allows farmers to redirect their efforts towards other critical tasks, contributing to improved overall farm management.
  6. Fuel Cost Reduction: The BouMatic Ranger eliminates the need for a tractor to push feed, leading to significant fuel cost savings. This environmentally friendly approach aligns with sustainable farming practices and reduces the farm’s carbon footprint.
  7. Reduced Feed Waste: The BouMatic Ranger can reduce feed waste by an average of 75%. With feed always within reach, cows are encouraged to eat more often, minimizing waste and maximizing feed utilization.
  8. Charging Station Options: The BouMatic Ranger offers the convenience of multiple charging station options. This flexibility ensures that the robot remains charged and ready to perform its tasks efficiently.
  9. Manual Mode with User-Friendly Remote Control: For added flexibility and control, the BouMatic Ranger features a user-friendly remote control in manual mode. This allows farmers to intervene or adjust operations as needed, providing a hands-on approach when required.

BouMatic SR2 Spraying Robot

The BouMatic SR2 is a meticulously engineered robot crafted to safeguard the teats after milking. Leveraging cutting-edge vision programming technology, this compact and swift machine seamlessly integrates with rotary milking systems, elevating the standard of animal hygiene on dairy farms.

boumatic SR2

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Reduced Infection Risk: Combatting mastitis is a top priority for dairy farmers, and the SR2 is designed to deliver premium BouMatic udder hygiene products consistently. By ensuring thorough post-milking teat hygiene, this robot minimises the risk of infection, promoting the health and well-being of dairy cows.
  2. Universal Usage: Regardless of the type of rotary milking system in use, the SR2 is the ideal solution. It integrates effortlessly with any rotary system, delivering post-dip disinfection effectively and safely after each milking session.
  3. Cow Comfort: BouMatic prioritises cow comfort in its machine design, and the SR2 is no exception. Approachable from between the rear legs using sophisticated vision technology, this robot ensures minimal stress for the cows during the post-milking teat hygiene process.
  4. Complete Coverage: The SR2 boasts comprehensive coverage, completely enveloping the teat ends with a protective disinfectant. Using a unique spray system, it creates a cloud of disinfectant surrounding the teats, ensuring thorough and effective coverage.
  5. Precision: Consistency is paramount, and the SR2 excels in delivering precise amounts of disinfectant to precisely the right spots. Leveraging intelligent vision technology, this robot ensures uniform application, enhancing the efficacy of post-milking teat hygiene.
  6. Reduced Consumption: The SR2’s unique spraying mechanism generates a very fine mist, reducing the consumption of the spraying agent compared to conventional sprays. This not only minimises waste but also contributes to cost savings for dairy farmers.
  7. Labour Cost Reduction: Automating the post-spray task with the SR2 offers significant labour savings and flexibility in personnel management. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, dairy farmers can allocate resources more efficiently and focus on other essential farm tasks.


In conclusion, BouMatic Robotics represents a game-changing innovation in dairy farming, offering unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and animal welfare benefits. With advanced solutions such as the BouMatic Ranger and SR2 Spraying Robot, dairy farmers can optimise their operations, maximise milk production, and ensure the health and well-being of their herds. Embrace the future of dairy farming with BouMatic Robotics and unlock new opportunities for success and sustainability in the dynamic dairy industry landscape.