Boumatic Milking Equipment

Electromech Agri is a leading dealer for Boumatic milking equipment in Northern Ireland and Scotland. With Boumatic’s renowned quality and reliability and our expertise in dairy farming, we offer top-notch solutions to meet our customers’ needs. From advanced parlour systems to efficient milk handling equipment, we provide cutting-edge products and exceptional support to maximize productivity and profitability for our clients.

BouMatic Milking Claws

Milking claws are essential components of milking machines that attach to the cow’s udder. They consist of a central chamber with teat cups attached, creating a vacuum to stimulate milk flow and collect milk from each teat efficiently.

We have two BouMatic Milking Claws available.

Flo Star MAX Milking Claw

Flo-Star MAX is the gold standard in every way that matters; performance, capacity, durability, weight reduction, milkability and comfort.

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Flo Star XTREME Milking Claw

Flo-Star Xtreme is bringing a revolutionary new design to a milking claw, but with all the same enhanced performance. The new low profile, lighter weight concept with improved angle of the inlets brings amongst many advantages a higher milkflow rate, a balanced alignment and a stable vacuum.

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BouMatic Pulsator

At Electromech Agri, we provide top of the line pulsation and from BouMatic this is their HiFlo Evolution Pulsator.

Durability, reliability and easy maintenance are only the beginning of the HiFlo Evolution pulsator story. Since 2008, this pulsator has been amazing BouMatic customers with its simplistic but premium design. You do not need any tools to disassemble the HiFlo Evolution pulsator and it quickly connects and disconnects to the vacuum line.

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BouMatic Vacuum & Pumps

Vacuum pumps in milking parlours create and maintain the negative pressure needed for milking machines to function. They stimulate milk flow and extract milk from the cow’s udder by generating vacuum pressure, ensuring efficient milking while promoting cow comfort and milk quality.

For this piece of equipment, we highly recommend the Airstar DSL.

BouMatic Airstar DSL

The Air Star DSL vacuum pump uses proven rotary displacement technology to create reliable stable vacuum for milking and system cleaning. The technology eliminates vacuum pump oil which saves money and offers longevity and low maintenance.

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BouMatic Robotics

Robotics can revolutionise milking parlours by automating the milking process. Robotic milking systems can significantly reduce the need for manual labor, help monitor milk quality and quantity, and managing cow health data, allowing for dairy farmers to improve their herd management and milk production optimisation.

We offer to two BouMatic robotic products.

BouMatic Ranger

The BouMatic Ranger is a self guided robot, which pushes the ration multiple times a day. It allows you to reduce labour costs and positively impact milk production as full consumption of ration increases milk yield by up to 1 litre per cow and day. This robust feed pusher can easily push versatile types of feeding, including large quantities of hay or silage. With its compact and user friendly design, the Ranger will save you time and money.

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BouMatic SR2 Spraying Robot

The BouMatic SR2 a precision engineered robot designed to protect the teats after milking. Leveraging the latest in vision programming technology, this fast and compact machine can integrate safely and effectively with your rotary milking system to deliver a higher level of animal hygiene.

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BouMatic Cow Brush

Cow brushes improve cow comfort, hygiene, and welfare by allowing them to scratch and groom themselves, stimulating blood circulation, distributing natural oils, and removing dirt and debris from their coats. This leads to healthier skin, shinier coats, and reduced risk of skin irritation and infections, ultimately contributing to increased milk production and overall herd well-being.

We offer one product from the BouMatic range.

BouMatic HandyBrush Cow Brush

The durable and robust cow brush from BouMatic offers a steady and high-quality brushing. This heavy-duty brush, designed and manufactured to eliminate parasites and other vermin from places inaccessible to the cow, can be installed on any type of support.

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These are just a select few from our range of BouMatic Milking Equipment. Make sure to check out our complete range of milking parlour products online. We specialise in providing bespoke dairy solutions that prioritise both efficiency and cow comfort. Our exclusive dealership with Boumatic in Northern Ireland and Scotland ensures access to top-quality, reliable milking equipment including data management.

We also are the leading provide for dairy farms across Ireland for BouMatic Milking Parlours. From rotary, rapid exit and parallel parlors.