Why Trade-In?

In recent years certain activity tag types have been obsoleted and there are systems out in the field that have been working for several years now. Those older systems have to be gradually replaced because of degrading battery capacity inside the sensors.

With this promotion BouMatic are giving the opportunity to farms that have already an activity/health monitoring system, and offer them an upgrade to the newest available technology.

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Why Nedap RealTime activity?

Nedap RealTime ensures that you have all your cows under control around the clock. With an uncomplicated and clear user interface for smartphone, tablet or desktop, you can quickly switch between your activities every day; perform inseminations, carry out checks and create and implement treatment plans. You can give your cows the attention they need quickly and in a targeted manner.

What tags can be traded-in?

3rd party tags, not ‘Powered by Nedap’: The tags must have some kind of activity / health monitoring functionality inside. To give you some examples: Allflex / SCR / Heattime / Sensehub/DeLaval/Dairymaster/MooMonitor/Afimilk/Afiact/Aficollar/CowManager/Sensoor. Those sensors are only brief examples of what’s eligible for the ‘3rd party tag trade-in’ category.

For more information or to check your eligibility please get in touch!


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