About Us

ElectroMech Agri – Established in 1992 is a family run business based in Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone. We are a dairy parlour equipment supplier & agricultural engineering company, specialising in project management of bespoke parlours and we are exclusive dealers for Boumatic across Northern Ireland & Scotland. With our own design team, fabricating workshop & service team we are able to design, fabricate & install your parlour. We also provide a 24/7 aftercare service across Ireland & Scotland.

We have commissioned small family run parlours to larger commercial parlours; we have installations across the UK & Ireland and we have exported our custom-built milking parlour stall-work globally. Our portfolio includes Rotaries, Doubled-Ups, Swingovers, Stallwork, parlour upgrades & software upgrades. We also have optional extras that enhance performance and throughput such as Backing Gates, Cow-Entry Management, In-Parlour Feeding, Smart Retention and Sorting and Handling Facilities. We carry out our own Research & Development to improve our own Rotary Milking Platforms and Rapid Exit Stalls; this in turn helps deliver a more cost effective and efficient milking parlour experience to the farmer and their herd.

After installation, we deliver the highest level of support & service with our highly trained team that covers all of Ireland, Scotland; available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our service team is available for servicing and upgrades.

Electromech Agri have also launched an online eCommerce site for your consumable needs for you to browse and order at your convenience.